Independent Kathy

” I know how to manage my money, I need professional help to take care of my goals and risks”

Who are You

As an Independent Kathy you have been taking good care of your finances for a long time; you have been managing the family money and have been taken care of some goals. You love your children and would like to do the best for them and be in good financial health yourself. You are earning relatively well and are having funds available. You value your independence and would like to be financially stable and to provide not only for your children’s needs and goals but for your future needs and goals as well.

What your issues tend to be

You have good understanding that financial products are constantly changing and feel confused which ones to take and who to ask. You know your needs and goals, and you understand the risks that can jeopardise them and you panic that you haven’t taken steps to manage the risks and to finance the goals: it might be that your insurance coverage in case of sickness is insufficient or not in place at all; you haven’t put aside any funds for your children’s education or even worse, towards your retirement; you don’t expect to have big pension and still don’t have long term care insurance. You are a proud person and do not want to be a burden to your kids in your retirement years. You know which of your goals, needs or risks are the most burning problems at this time for you and you need to approach them and to find good solutions and gain peace of mind. You would like to do this with a specialist who will understand your priorities and struggles well.

What you need the most right now

You need to analyze your budget and have a clear picture of how much you can allocate for the goals and risks you would like to finance at this time. You need to prioritize well and analyze the time frame for each goal. You need to find products or programs that will take care of the risks first and then the goals, in the right priority order. You need to gain peace of mind that your risks are covered so you can sleep well.

This personal Financial Fitness planning and implementation program is based on your specific Need Analysis or Risk Management requirements connected to your current, particular struggles, concerns, question and goals. We can work for a period of 2 weeks or for many months and years, depending on you and the help you need. This option will get your check up and product implementation. It will give you a stable base for your future financial fitness.

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