Moms’ Financial Fitness Program™

Courageous Suzy

” I need to make my money work more efficiently for me and my children”

Who are You

As a Courageous Suzy you are a seriously organized mom, but you are frustrated that your money are not “under control” . Your time with your children is well organized so you have time to make money either in your own business, through employment, or other sources of income. You love your children and you love what you do. You love your business or career as a way to give to the world and to provide financial stability for yourself and for your children. You are either earning relatively well or you have funds available. You might’ve had someone else, mother, father or husband, managing your money for a long time and you haven’t had a chance to build good money management skills. You feel financially responsible that your money have to provide for today changing needs but also for tomorrow’s goals. You have goals and dreams and you wish you had more clarity how to reach them.

What your issues tend to be

You adore your children and you want to do the best for their future; you are proud and self-reliant person and would like to build financial stability for yourself, but you do not know here to start. You feel that you lack confidence about managing your money. Your funds mysteriously drain no matter how much more you make or have. You feel frustrated that you do not know enough about the financial products available, they look like mystery for you. You do not know where to start thinking about your savings and spending. You don’t want to take advice from campaign advertisements or risks your money.

What you need the most right now

You need to focus and build your ability to analyze and understand your behaviour towards money: how, why and where you spend your money. You need to map your goals and put your priorities in the right order; you might need to rearrange your priorities to better serve your goals. You need to put systems in place to automatically take care of your goals. You need to face your fears and analyze the risks that can jeopardise your goals and take decisions and actions to manage the risks. In this mind-changing process you need to acquire systems. You need to learn easy-to-follow strategies so repeatedly you can make your money work more efficiently for you.

7 Step Moms’ Financial Fitness™ program

Here’s what this program gets you to do: You will set your dreams and goals and develop a good relationship with your money. You will examine your habits, and make decisions where to stop the leaks. You will prioritize for today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals. You will decide what actions you will take on your priorities. You will learn and take decisions on the Risk Management strategies. You will have good understanding of what your risk tolerance is and how this affects your money management. We will demystify financial products for you and you will get good understanding of which ones can serve as tools for your goals. In the end, you will have your written Financial Fitness Plan which you can follow, review and adjust for the next 5 or more years.

In this 7 weeks program you will gain confidence, knowledge, strategies and peace of mind about your finances. This individually taken program gives you a chance to focus only on your questions and concerns; you can take it together with your partner as well.

The program is given as a group program as well. The group program is offered to groups of 3 to 10 moms organized by you, your business, your church or community. It costs less per person compare to the individual program. Group programs give you a chance to interact with other mothers, learn from their questions and experience and have the support of each other.

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We worked with Maria N. Angelova over a period of 7 weeks. She had the ability to make us feel comfortable from the moment she sat down at our dinner table. We quickly got the sense that she knew a lot more than we did and we immediately trusted her with our hopes, dreams, and financial information! Maria was able to personalize her approach to fit our needs and our knowledge. Maria’s Moms’ Financial Fitness program forced us to write down our goals on our first meeting and by the last meeting we had found money to save towards those goals. Maria also gave us the confidence and knowledge that we have good budgeting skills and we are on the right path to financial freedom. My only regret is that we should have met Maria in our 20s! Nadia Frost , Toronto City Manager-; & Andrew Frost, Marketing Manager, Innovation Manager at Molson Coors Canada