Whatever your goals, dreams, and plans are, most probably they are connected with your future, your loved ones, with money and planning. Good planning involves risks handling and risk management strategies. These products can be your best Risk Management tools so you can reach your goals no mater what life brings you. Sharing your risk with insurance companies can help you have guarantees that you will easily have enough money when you need it the most.

Visitors to Canada Insurance

  • Your guests from abroad are coming to spend some time together with you or to help your family. Though if while in Canada they experience sickness or accident the hospital bills can be devastating for you. Choosing to share your risk with Visitors to Canada Insurance policy would be a very good investment and will give you funds available for the bills and peace of mind that your savings would not be touched.

Travel Insurance

  • You or your family member might be traveling out of the province for vacation, tourism or business. A Travel Insurance policy would cover expenses up to $5,000,000 that you might incur due to sickness or accident while you are abroad.

Loan Insurance

  • Do you have any loans or mortgage? You might even think of increasing your mortgage or obtaining another loan or line of credit. Mortgage or Loan Insurance can help you cover your payments in case of sickness or disability, so you can take care of your health.

Critical Illness Insurance

  • You might think of purchasing a new home, changing jobs or starting a new career or business – any stress, either positive or negative can affect your health – I strongly advise you to see if you qualify for Critical Illness Insurance and get a policy before you start your new endeavor, it can be the best investment you have ever made. It can save you financially and psychologically by giving you peace of mind when you need it the most.
  • You might have any other life changing event or have stressful situations in your family –any stress can affect your health and be cause of a critical illness. Until you are healthy and still qualify, shop the insurance market for a suitable Critical Illness Insurance, even a small coverage can help you deal with life easier.
  • Critical Illness Insurance is a tax free lump sum benefit payable to the insured in event of diagnoses of covered sickness like cancer, hart attack, stroke, multiple scleroses, and more.


Long Term Care Insurance

This valuable tax-free monthly benefit will give you the insured amount and peace of mind should you became incapacitated to perform two of the five or six daily activities. This benefit can be purchased by the adult children for their parents, to avoid the financial disaster that can cause paying for a nursing home for the parents.

Disability (Income Replacement) Insurance

  • Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn income and provide for yourself and for your family. Your family might be financially dependent on you to pay the bills, food, utility, housing, school, etc. Disability insurance can replace up to 70% of your income while you can not work due to sickness or accident. While you are healthy and work, your income can be insured with this valuable benefit.

Life Insurance

  • Life Insurance is a tax free lump sum of money paid directly to the beneficiaries chosen by you after your death, bypassing the probate and estate holds and procedures. It can help your loved ones to pay for education, for daily needs and long term goals. It can help them pay taxes, preserve your estate and keep your business running. By using Life insurance policy you can create legacy giving to your favourite charity, foundation, hospital, university, art or cultural center.

Group Benefits

  • No matter how big or small is your “small” business; with100 employees or 2 employees (husband and wife); you can have wonderful affordable benefits with dental and health coverage and many more valuable benefits, which can save you thousands should a need for health care coverage arises. Group benefits can be your best way to keep your best employees.


  • Do you consider saving for your child or grandchild education? RESP account is a way to obtain 20% grant from Canadian government and at the same time grow your savings tax free, subject to limits. Carefully consider which plan is most suitable for you – group, family or individual. There are family and individual plans which have much more flexibility than group plans.


  • In a RRSP (Registered Retirement Saving Plans) you can save for your retirement and the funds are deposited and grow tax free. When deposited in Segregated funds, they have valuable guarantees at maturity and death.

Guaranteed Retirement Income for Life

  • When you invest in this products (few left on the market) you are guaranteed to receive a predictable annual income, starting the year you turn 65. The guaranteed retirement income will continue for as long as you live. If your retirement is still years away, you can invest in it and use it to accumulate wealth before you start withdrawing income. Each year that you don’t make a withdrawal, a 5% Income Base Bonus is added to your Income Base, regardless of what happens in the markets. The higher your Income Base is, the higher your retirement income is. The year you turn 65, you can start withdrawing your guaranteed retirement income for life. The amount you’ll receive every year for as long as you live* is equal to 5% of your Income Base.

* Making an excess withdrawal may decrease your guaranteed retirement income for life amount.

Manulife One Mortgage/Line of Credit

This equity line of credit can save you a lot on a long run; it can be your account for all your expenses and your income; every dollar that stays in the account can reduce the interest paid on that day. Call me to check if this is a program for you and if you are eligible to have it.

As a Life & Health Insurance Broker I work with highly reputable companies that provide products mentioned above. I am licensed Life and Health Insurance broker for Ontario, Canada; I can help you find the risk management product you need for your short and long term goals and needs.

If I can show you a program that can meet your needs and your budget, would you like to know more? Contact me to find out more.