As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst I provide divorce financial consultations.

In life-altering event of divorce, finances are one of the most difficult, time-consuming, and emotionally burdened area of deliberations. Very often, overwhelmed with children, parents overlook the importance of good budgeting and long-term financial need analysis, for themselves and in the best interest of their children. Many mistakes are made with very good intention but with devastating effects.

Financial planning consultations and services can help you before, during, or after your divorce.

You will

  • gain clarity on your financial position and priorities now and in the next 10 to 30 years
  • identify financial points usually forgotten or overlooked
  • gain ideas for the variations of the settlement scenarios
  • gain understanding of short- and long- term outcome of your financial decisions
  • gain guidance on the financial steps you can take

Professional financial consultation can save you thousands by helping you avoid financial traps, lessen the stress of the unknown, make you achieve informed decisions, and reduce your legal fees when reaching your settlement faster. Contact me to book your appointment

Financial Services offered to divorcing mothers:

  • Organise of financial information
  • Budget for the needs of the children
  • Help in preparing Form 13 Financial Statement
  • Analyse spending before, during and after the divorce
  • Analyse money flow before and during the divorce
  • Analyse income needs and ability to pay support
  • Analyse insurance needs
  • Assets & Liabilities analysis
  • Prepare Net Worth Statements
  • Business Tax Return and Personal Income analysis
  • Analysis of Proposed Settlement
  • Prepare scenarios of possible Settlements
  • Ongoing financial guidance and planning after the divorce is finalised