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Make your money work joyfully for you

Dear Mom,

Do you struggle managing your money?

Are you frustrated that no matter how much more money you make, it always disappears somehow?

Is it difficult for you to plan for tomorrow?

I know exactly how you feel.

There is nothing wrong with you. Life is a challenging adventure. Priority and money management skills are not taught at schools; neither are financial products. Even if they were, financial products are constantly changing and life events can rapidly change your priority and money arrangements.

I would like to assure you that there are solutions, strategies, and tools; there are ways to feel in control of your money and in control of your future. You can have peace of mind; feel confident about your money and what it does for you. You can put yourself in the "fitness" zone, stretch your money and make it work twice as hard for you.

You can have tools and easy-to-follow steps .
You can make your money work better, harder and joyfully for you.

Check which program is right for you.

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We worked with Maria N. Angelova over a period of 7 weeks. She had the ability to make us feel comfortable from the moment she sat down at our dinner table. We quickly got the sense that she knew a lot more than we did and we immediately trusted her with our hopes, dreams, and financial information! Maria was able to personalize her approach to fit our needs and our knowledge. Maria's Moms' Financial Fitness program forced us to write down our goals on our first meeting and by the last meeting we had found money to save towards those goals. Maria also gave us the confidence and knowledge that we have good budgeting skills and we are on the right path to financial freedom. My only regret is that we should have met Maria in our 20s! Nadia Frost , Toronto City Manager-; & Andrew Frost, Marketing Manager, Innovation Manager at Molson Coors Canada

Maria N. Angelova's expert advices have contributed immensely to our family's well being over the years; we are clients of her since 2004. Her impeccable work ethics and relentless strive to give the best services to her clients makes her an indispensable professional in her field. Lyudmila "Liussy" Genkova // MA Preservation & Presentation of the Moving Image// Member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema & TV

Maria is an incredibly caring and knowledgeable financial advisor who works for the best interests of her clients. On top of her financial planning skills, she is also a talented speaker and I always welcome the chance to spend time with her to talk about the industry, I learned a lot from her seminars over the last 10 years and successfully implemented it in my retirement planning. Sacha Akalski, President of Toronto Climbing Academy

"This cheque saved us financially, emotionally and physiologically." Louna Doskova, co-owner of dental labs."